We are a small, artisan coffee roaster in Fairview Park, Ohio.  Our coffee and espresso bar is open for the best java this side of Lake Erie!  We are open 7a-5p M-F, 8a-5p Sat & 9a-4p Sun.

We source and roast only top quality Arabica coffees.  If coffee is of high quality, roasted to the correct roast level, ground and brewed correctly it will not need anything added to it to be enjoyable.  If you drink your coffee black, we have a coffee for you.  If you are used to cream and sugar, we have a coffee for you.  If you like a sweet and sugary latte, we have a coffee for you.  All without adding anything extra to it.  So let’s put it out there:  we don’t have cream and sugar.  Why?  Our coffee does not need it.  You almost have to forget everything you know about coffee as it is when you come to our shop because we are not like other shops.  We do not try to cover up bad coffee with heavy syrups and sweet.  We prefer to present it to you in it’s natural state.  Take a look here to see the coffees that we have had and look at the flavor profile.  This flavor is natural in the coffee if it’s grown, cultivated, processed, sourced, roasted and brewed properly.  That is a big issue with many shops, namely chains.  They do not use high quality coffee.  Most people do not know that coffee is the seed from a fruit and it retains many properties from the soil, fruit trees around the coffee trees and processing.  So if these areas are not quality to begin with you will not have good coffee beans.  Bad beans make make bad coffee.  Period.

Point is, most folks are used to adding cream, sugar or both to coffee in order to drink it otherwise it’s undrinkable.  That is because we bet you are drinking low quality coffee that is bitter black.  Or, you are drinking chain coffee that is so over roasted it’s burnt and undrinkable black.  Most places roast coffee dark to cover imperfections in low quality coffee.  That’s where we are different and are here to change that!  Excellent coffee is not bitter.  Stop in; we’ll prove it to you!

black cup

We will brew you a cuppa via your method of choice:  Pour-over, siphon or French press.

At Troubadour Coffee Roasters, we can also hand-craft you the best espresso, latte or cappuccino you have ever had.  We use a unique blend of beans, roasted to a specific level so as not to introduce carbon.  This will give your espresso, latte or cappuccino a wonderful flavor that needs no sugar or sweetener.  We feel that once you get past the idea that coffee should be a dessert, you can enjoy an excellent coffee hand-crafted with passion and care.

latte art  and esp shot

We roast in small batches.  What this means is that you are assured a more even roast.  Large roasters roast in large batches, sometimes as much as several hundred pounds at a time.  This is fine to meet a large volume of customers but we choose to do business differently.  We choose to have less customers so we can focus on the quality of our coffee; it must be top.

Want to try several coffees at once to see what different origins taste like?  Sign up for one of our coffee tastings and get in touch with your inner coffee geek!  We promise a great experience!

We also offer espresso catering.  Yes, we will bring our mobile espresso bar catering service to your wedding or other event and serve espresso, coffee and other coffee shop-type beverages to your guests!  It’s amazing!

Starting a coffee business?  We can help!  We have many years experience owning and operating coffee houses and espresso bars.

Want to buy our fabulous coffee?  We are a local company with several avenues for you to purchase our coffee.  So, yeah!  Take a look around our site and see what we can do for you.  I bet you’ll have  question or two!  If so, drop us an email at beans at troubadourcoffee.com or call us at (216) 370-3262.  We will be happy to talk coffee with you!  Giddy yup!